From The Mayor’s Desk (April ’13 Newsletter)

  • It is disturbing when you have to keep pointing out!!!!!
    NO UNLICENSED motor vehicles are allowed on village streets.
    Non-licensed drivers who get caught can have their application for a drivers license delayed.
    We recently had a 4 wheeler tear up grass by The Beach and the yard at East Drive playground.
    We had garbage bags dumped along our streets twice.
    Don’t cry when we prosecute the people responsible.

    Anyone with information can contact me. It will be kept confidential. Without your help we cannot put a stop to this.
    Littering under Ohio law is up to a five-hundred dollar ($500) fine and/or up to sixty (60) days in jail.

  • Darke County Parks
    On the Nov. 2013 election ballot will be a vote on a REPLACEMENT 10 year 1/2 mill levy. Again a REPLACEMENT not ADDITIONAL tax levy.
    As for Wayne Lakes, over the years we have received over $40,000 in Grants from Darke County Parks. Playground equipment, fencing for safety, items for The Beach, and much more.
    This is one of the best run programs you can find. Vote YES for the Replacement.

  • Cub Scout Pack 139 from New Madison would like to say thank you to all who donated for Scouting for Food. The food was donated to Fort Jefferson United Methodist Church. We look forward to collecting your donations next March.
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State Leash Laws (Ohio)

A fair amount of people have been letting their dogs roam the neighborhood. This is illegal and can possibly be dangerous for you, your pet or an innocent pedestrian. The following link is Ohio’s State Law on leashing and restraining your canine.

955.22 Confining, restraining, debarking dogs; dangerous dog registration certificate.

If you see a reoccurring problem, please contact the Dog Warden at (937) 547-1645.

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